Training Director, Edge Fitness

Josh Nelson

What is Our Plan?


"We help set up plans to help you achieve your goals. When not working with us one of the very unique services we offer is through Activtrax. This is a tool or guide to help keep you heading forward when you are not working one on one with your trainer. Accountability is always important when meeting with your trainer, but this helps for when you are not with us. My goal is to have everyone that confides in us for help to achieve the goal we had set up for you on that very first day. There is no finish line. There are goals to achieve and new goals to set. We take you to levels that you never dreamed possible. And if you don't believe me. Then try us."


One-on-One Training with our Edge staff


Our Coaches Work With You Every Step!

Just getting started can be very intimidating for most. We tend, by nature, to over complicate or overwhelm ourselves when starting out a new task. This can sometimes cause us to either avoid it altogether or allow barriers to limit us. Our training staff at Edge Fitness is here to be your guide and resource to help achieve the new journey. You can't ask a video, a magazine, or a book questions. Our trainers do our very best to help make ourselves available while with us or help motivate you to make healthy choices when you're not.



Small Group Training

(Bootcamp style)

4-12 participants only 

Large Group Training

(Unlimited use)

Participants based on room size